Brands We Repair

At Oliver’s Appliance Repair of Raymore, affordable repairs and high-quality service for your home appliances are our top priority. Here are the brands that we service:


One of the most well-known appliance brands in the world, Frigidaire offers smooth, modern household appliances. Their designs are efficient and top-notch. If you have any issues with your Frigidaire appliances, Oliver’s Appliance Repair will provide you with a long-term solution at a reasonable cost.


Reliability is the top quality of these appliances. For over sixty years, the brand consistently creates an extensive assortment of laundry and kitchen appliances.

This brand is also very easy to repair, so our technicians will have no issue advising you when it comes to repairing your GE appliances.


No matter your lifestyle, LG appliances are designed to keep up with you. These appliances are original and are not exorbitantly expensive. When your LG appliance starts to give you grief, then call Oliver’s Appliance repair service for help.


This brand specializes in kitchenware, specifically dishwashers. Bosch also offers a wide array of other household appliances. Bosch is also known for its exemplary customer service, in addition to creating top-quality home appliances.


Amana’s focus is on home appliances. They have a positive impact, not only on your life but also on your budget and the environment. You are guaranteed a high caliber product for a great price. When they occasionally experience some problems, contact Oliver’s Appliance Repair. We offer maintenance and repair services that are guaranteed to get your Amana products back in working order.


Samsung is one of the most well-known electronics brands. However, it is also a world powerhouse in home appliances. They have one of the world’s widest ranges of dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens.

Their appliances are also easy to maintain and repair. Give us a call if your Samsung appliance is on the fritz and we will service it in no time.


Viking specializes in world-class kitchen appliances. Not only are these appliances aesthetically pleasing, but they also come equipped with many useful features. Industry chefs swear by Viking products.

While quality is their top priority, their appliances can break down sometimes. In that instance, Oliver’s Appliance Repair is here for you.


Maytag is a secondary branch of the Whirlpool brand. They are your go-to brand if you are looking for reliability in your appliances and exemplary customer service. It is one of Raymore’s most common and popular brands.

There is a ten-year warranty on all Maytag appliances, which speaks to their exceptional quality. Maytag laundry machines are one of the most reliable appliances in today’s market.

Their kitchen appliances are also known to be some of the most affordable, without skimping on their quality. Our technicians are well versed in servicing and repairing Maytag appliances.


Even if you don’t recognize your brand of appliance in the above list, there is no need to worry. Our team of seasoned professionals will be able to pinpoint issues and repair them, no matter the brand.

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No matter the appliance brand or make, Oliver’s Appliance Repair will be able to pinpoint the issue and provide you with a viable solution. We will guarantee you a hassle-free experience and time effective service.