Dishwasher Repair

You don’t realize how much your kitchen revolves around your dishwasher until it isn’t working. Washing a sink full of dirty dishes and utensils by hand takes time and, let’s be honest, it’s a tedious task. Even if you don’t think the issue is significant, it can lead to bigger issues further down the line. But don’t panic!

Oliver’s Appliance Repair service is here to help you repair your dishwasher and get it back to cleaning your dishes in no time. Our team of highly trained and qualified professionals are dedicated to providing friendly and effective service in Raymore, MO.


Common Issues

If you look through this list and recognize these issues in your dishwasher, give us a call. Waiting for it to go away will only lead to more expensive costs down the line.


Not Filling Up

If the machine doesn’t fill up completely with water, then the water supply may be compromised. A clogged water intake valve or a faulty float system may be at fault. You may also need to replace the pressure switch, inlet valve or timer switch.


Not Draining

It is a pretty common occurrence that a little leftover water can be found at the bottom of the dishwasher. However, if you notice that there is an excessive amount of dirty water, then you need to get the professionals involved. A clogged drain line or sink trap is the most common explanation for a machine that won’t drain.


Unusual Sounds

Hearing your dishwasher running means that it’s doing its job. However, if the sounds are louder than usual or they sound like banging or knocking, then something is wrong. It may be as simple as the dishwasher not being on an even surface. It may be an inlet valve that needs servicing.


The machine is leaking

You need to first consider the location of the leak. If the leak is around the door, then the door gaskets may need replacing or you may need to tighten the door itself. If the leak is beneath the appliance, it could be the pipes or the pump seal that needs looking at. If it turns out to be a corrosion leak, unfortunately, this cannot be repaired. This is one of the few situations where you will need to replace the dishwasher.


Won’t Turn On

Electrical issues are usually the cause of this problem. The wiring may be defective or poorly connected. For safety reasons, these cannot be fixed without professional assistance. Oliver’s Appliance Repair will be able to effectively solve your electrical issues.


Call Oliver’s Appliance Repair of Raymore, MO

If your dishwasher is giving you grief, then call us today. We can help you with any repairs, as well as giving you tips on how to maintain your appliance.

Our team of technicians are professional, knowledgeable and certified in their work. They will carry out the necessary repairs promptly and cost-effectively.

If you live in the Raymore area and you need help with a dishwasher, call us. Our customer service representatives are standing by to help you schedule a consultation.