Freezer Repair

A freezer that refuses to do its job is a frustrating occurrence. As tempting as it is, don’t go out and buy a new freezer just yet. Instead, contact Oliver’s Appliance Repair service. Our team of qualified professionals have extensive knowledge about freezers and will be able to assist you through the necessary repairs. Proper repairs add years to your freezer’s life.


Signs that you need to repair your freezer


A freezer that is too frosty

Yes, this is possible. If a freezer is too cold, then it increases the risk of frost or ice build-up. If the freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm, then the defrost heater might need looking at.

Our team of experts can test the defrost system and pinpoint what the issue is. A defective damper control or a defective evaporator fan motor may also be to blame.


A Freezer that is not frosty enough

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), your freezer should be around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher will nor preserve your food items properly, putting you and your family at risk for bacteria and diseases.

Check that the dial and built-in thermometer have not been accidentally tampered with. If everything seems in order, then contact us and we can help you find a solution.


Frost Build-up

This is a common occurrence in freezers. However, if the build-up is excessive, then the appliance needs looking at. This could be caused by a torn gasket or the freezer door being left open for an extended period.

Frost accumulation is due to warm air entering the freezer. If moisture is unable to escape, then frost will accumulate.


Freezer Won’t Turn On

Before calling in the experts, there a few things you can do. Make sure that there is enough electrical flow and that the machine is plugged in properly. If the issue is with the outlet, then call an electrician to get it serviced. If the outlet is working fine, but the freezer still won’t run, then the control board, compressor or defrost timer may need replacing.

Call us and we can offer a proper diagnosis for your freezer, as well as provide you with a long-term solution.


Call Oliver’s Appliance Repair of Raymore, MO

Freezers can break down, regardless of how much TLC we give them. Call us and one of our friendly customer service representatives will help you set up a consultation. Our team will have your freezer up and running again in no time, and without any inconvenience to you.

You will have a wonderful experience with us because we value the customer above all else.